Sunday, July 15, 2012

IG Snapshots.

Hi guys! I was importing a ton of photos from my Iphone today and thought I'd share a few shots. I'm a total instagram junkie and pretty much just like to take pictures of everything all the time. If you don't already follow me on instagram my handle is @miekenpetra, search for me and lets be friends!

my pup likes to hide behind things.
gorgeous LA skies.
some favorite arm candy.
favorite date night dress. (although I just bought a really cute one for my birthday this weekend!)
breakfast and magazines.
And a few snaps of going out looks over the past couple weeks!

I also wanted to let you guys know that I'm currently selling a few items on Copious! I have a pair of gently used Jeffrey Campbell Brisbane Booties up in a size 7 that are ultra chic for fall, and a pair of super cute Helmut Lang white jeans in a size 30 that I'm hesitantly getting rid of because they are too big for me!
feel free to hop on over and take a look!

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